greenhouse Greenhouse Advantages?

I'm investing in a glass panel greenhouse to grow my favorite chile varieties. We get a lot of rain where i live in Hawaii and it can cause issues with my plants. The greenhouse will allow water control as well as pest control (i hope). Can anyone with experience give me some knowledge about growing in a greenhouse.....can you keep them pest free? 

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great for early spring , and extending a little in the fall , but mid summer mine would bake in there , its like 120 in mine now with it open . but definatley great for getting out earlier than normal . also good for moving containers in before storms .     :onfire:
Good to know. I got a small greenhouse I bought last year but never figured when to use it. Currently using it for a couple seedling with the door open so not to over heat, looking yo use it more next season.
Like Moraga welder said,it can extend your season a bit on both ends. I start seeds indoors in the winter and can usually move them to the greenhouse as soon as it getstands even mildly warm, no hardening off period needed. I got a heater for next winter to see if I can over winter some plants.