greenhouse Greenhouse polyethylene film

Hello I'm about to put up a hoop house and I'm looking at greenhouse film to buy. I plan on putting up one sheet for now and then adding another when winter hits. 

I am looking for the best manufacturer of polyethylene film that will give me the best ACTUAL condensation removal + IR blocking capabilities in one package.

I would really love to hear from people who have built greenhouses and/or have experience with films and want to share it.  :dance:
Check Mega Greenhouse Store ... that's close to the name as I remember. Tons of products. Great folks who answer your questions.
I have used IR + anti condensate films from and Both where good films. The only reason i went with an IR anti condensate was for the diffusion properties as those films give a better diffused light.

The coating is that of a fine powder film that can get rubbed off.
Thanks for the responses guys.

I ended up going with this stuff:
It's from GT plastics which seem to be if the THE leader, one of them, in the Greenhouse film world. I really liked AT films website as well. I found that it gave loads of info on exactly what each kind of film is. I didn't go with them because the greenhouse mega-store doesn't carry their Thermax film and you need IR/AC film to be the first layer. Maybe next time. :)