Greetings from a small-batch copacker.

Greetings! Hope all is well.

I'm a small batch-copacker that serves clients with small minimum order quantities (offering both private label solutions and custom formulations). We started our business because we were sick of high MOQs that made it hard for aspiring entrepreneurs to enter the business.

I am joining this forum because I want to stay up to date on market trends and see what people are putting in their recipes and creating.

Long live the peppers.
Greetings, HP!

:welcome: to THP!

Very happy to see a small batch processor. When you have time, maybe put a post in Promotions with a bit about your company, links, licensing, shipping or pick up, recipe development, what you can do for small batch clients.

Have Fun!!!
Just checked out the website. Looks good, please post more!
Thank you all for your warm welcome and do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding:

1) Copacking
2) Scaling your business up
3) Small-batch production

This forum is a beautiful place.