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Greetings from France

Hi everyone, greetings from Alsace, France.
I moved recently and its my first year as a balcony gardener! My growing space is very limited but i try to make the best out of it!
Hope to share some nice pics soon :)
Its my third year growing peppers from seeds, 1st year starting them in an aerogarden, and really impressed so far!
I can't wait to learn a lot of new things from you all :)


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Bienvenue !
I was living in Alsace till 1,5 month ago, I have now moved in les Hautes-Vosges.
I always had good result with hot pepper plants in Elsass, so I bet it will be ok for you as well !


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:welcome: from the Pacific NorthWest, USA!


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dave65 said:
Hi, Midi Pyrenees here.
Dave - 2 things to try & elicit a response. 
1 is to find out if they've stopped by recently - See below - Then you'll have an idea if - and or when - you may expect a response.
2 is to quote the OP (Original Poster) as that will send them a message of your inquiry - As you got from me on this one.