Greetings from Mayberry!

Here in Zone 7B. I've been growing hot peppers now for several years, mostly cayenne and habaneros but anything else I'd blunder into at the local garden center. This year I have some Red Mushrooms, more habs, and a lone Carolina Reaper that's just starting to bud. I usually plant my peppers in the ground in our front yard crop circle where they share space with cleome, black eyes susans, and coneflowers. And a young bunny this year which created some havoc. LOTS of sunlight - 6-7 hours a day or more. In the past my habs and cayennes have absolutely thrived there, but it's been a tough year so far as I'm not seeing the growth of the habaneros as I usually do. It's been hotter than normal which isn't helping.

Gonna set back and learn for a while here now. Thanks!
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Welcome, growing Red Savina Habs and have had to resort to using shade cloth. They were growing rapidly during spring but as our first heat wave came they putzed out right at flowering. Post shade cloth double the flowers. I'll never look back. Scotch's are loving it too. Zone 7a sepa
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