Greetings from the Gulf Coast (Alabama)!

Hi all!
Although I've been lurking around here for a bit, I've finally decided to join and be a productive, contributing member :)
Long time pepper lover, but finally decided to make the jump and attempt to grow my own. I've been planning on getting a pepper garden going for several years now but this is the first year I made it a priority to try and get things started in time. 
Although I haven't had it started for very long, I can honestly say that seeing my seedlings sprout was very rewarding. I can't wait to see how things turn out by early summer. 
Although I have a bunch of vegetables planted, my current pepper list consists of fatali's, Jamaican hot chocolates, Lemon habanero's, Caloro's, golden nuggets, jalapeno's, and a chili-habanero. 
As of now, the fatali is the only one that's sprouted.
Although this is 'technically' my '2nd' post, I wanted to formally introduce myself and say hello!
Look forward to learning from you guys, 


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