Greetings from the Texas Gulf Coast

Hi all,

I am just beginning my making hot sauce journey in the last few weeks. I've had a few missteps.....made one sauce that was just way, way too vinegary and another that was just way, way too hot (and I certainly did not need two quarts of it!). My goal is to try to make some sauces that have a bit more depth of flavor than the stuff one can get commercially.

I've also started playing around with fermenting some sauces. I have two batches that is jalapenos, garlic, and carrots and another -- that tastes fantastic just 10 days in -- is equal parts habaneros, blueberries, and blackberries.

While I appreciate a superhot sauce, I'm really going for an everyday sauce. My favorite commercial sauces are Tapatio, Cholula, and El Yucateco.

Here's a photo of my fermenting batches. (The two jars on the left are identical....and I have a bit to much brine in there, I know.)

IMG-5003 (1).JPG

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Hey, Michael, :welcome: from the Pacific NorthWest!