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Grilled Steak Sammich.

Tonight's Dinner.
Grilled thin steaks, Jalapeños, and mushrooms. 

Ciabbatta roll, with Peppercorn Peccorino Cheese.

Grilled thin steaks. 

"Down in flames" BBQ sauce by RaelThomas, and grilled Jalapeños. 

Grilled Mushrooms.

Cherry tomatoes seasoned with white pepper (white pepper is a must on fresh tomatoes) and some of my own Scarlet Pain sauce for good measure. 

Finally, mixed leaf salad to finish. 

Money Shot!!  :P

One of my best sammich's to date, hints of Rael's BBQ sauce made this sammich taste like it contained Bacon at times. Great sauce Rael. 


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Thanks for the compliments guys, it was a delicious sammich fo sho.

RaelThomas said:
That looks so good. 
I just got home from work and I'm sitting here with a glass of vino hating myself for looking at this now.
EDIT: Just realised you included some of my sauce, schweet! Glad it's going down aight! :)
It's a great sauce mate, well done.

oldsalty said:
Brother Paul another Masterpiece will be trying this. Are the steaks marinated?  Just love the combo SR !!!!!!!
Thank you my friend, the steaks were first rubbed with a little olive oil, then seasoned with my own "secret" seven spice mix. I sent some your way in one of the sauce packages. It's great stuff on a variety of food.


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The description on the pack of meat wasn't very specific, but it looked very much like Flank steak.

Preparation was simple, the steaks were coated with a little olive oil, then seasoned with my own seven spice rub. Best if left overnight, but I grilled these after 20 minutes or so.

For tenderness the key is not to overcook thin steaks.