media Growing in Coco tutorial

Hi All,
 New to the community and thought i'd kick things off with a tutorial on how I propagate in rockwool, transfer to coco, and take all the way through to flower/harvest.
Hopefully some of you will get something out of it, if not at least i might learn something from you  ;)
1. Equipment Needed:
PH and EC/PPM testing devices:
at least a 2 part AB liquid fertilizer designed for Coco - ie high calcium and relatively reduced PK readings with fulvic and mircros
PK 13/14 liquid fertilizer or equivalent PK booster
Coco - either as brick or in a prepared buffered bag - optional perlite additions
silica additive or already added to pre-configured coco
Root enhancer - optional
heat mat with thermostat  
Propagation trays with humidity domes
Propagation light 100w CFL minimum
Vegetation light 200-250W LED or equivalent PAR - for preseason indoor growth
starter blocks (rockwool or coco can be used)
ziplock bags
paper towel
spray bottle
net cups - standard 80mm will do - 140mm are more effective for transplanting to bigger 1st pots 
various sized containers to transplant in stages to final large desired size
2. Starting seeds:
start seeds at least 4 weeks before outside temperatures are likely to dip only slightly below 20 degrees overnight outside for super hots, check your seed packs/info and if a lower temp is ok shoot for that.  
Set heat mat to 30c, or desired optimal growth temp for variety in veg, soak chilli seeds for 8hrs in plain water (optional H2O2 hydrogen peroxide addition, but not necessary if environment/seed is reasonably sterile) on the heat mat to maintain constant temperature of the water.
Transfer seeds to moist paper towel (lightly spray with a spray bottle to be damp but not soaked right through) and insert into ziplock bags.
Label bags and place on the heat mat at 30c.
Check seeds every few days by holding the bag up to a light for root tip (radicle) emergence.

3. Initial Transplant:
Once the radicle emerges prepare the rockwool cubes – ph correct the water to 5.0 and submerge cubes for 2-5hrs – remove from the ph’d water and submerge into a precharge solution (water at 0.5 EC + 0.1 to 0.2EC nutrient = total 0.6-0.7EC. Optional to add root enhancer.  adjust PH of precharge solution to 5.8) then remove from precharge solution and insert seed root tip down in to shallow hole (10mm) so that the seed top is only 2mm below the surface and cover in the rockwool just over the top of the seed.
[SIZE=11pt]Place cubes into a humidity tray with dome on and place on the heat mat at 30c with light on 24/7 under a propagation CFL (1oow cool white 5000-6500K) or LED equivalent until cotyledons are out of the seed shells and plant stems are straight.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]4. Initial growth:[/SIZE]
Once cotyledons are out of the seed shells and stems are straight reduce heat mat to 27c and continue feeding at 0.7EC – maintain light at 24hrs or optional 22 On 2 Off
Once 1st set of true leaves are out increase EC to 0.8. (0.5EC water + 0.3EC Nutrient) – maintain light 24/7.

5.Transplant to Coco: 
 [SIZE=11pt]Once 2[/SIZE]nd[SIZE=11pt] true leaves are out and visible/functioning and the primary root tip is out the bottom of the rockwool cube it’s time to transplant. Prepare Coco coir ie soak/rinse if needed, add perlite if needed, stain fibers optional, add calcium, add silica, ect. Place seedling into a new container, at least 4 times the size of the cube, and cover up to/slightly above (few millimeters <2) the stem. Water in with EC 0.9 (0.5EC Water +0.4EC nutrient) and reapply additional Coco coir to the surface if more is needed after the movements from the initial watering. Maintain light at 24hrs (22 On 2 Off Optional) and increase strength/intensity of the light to full growth by either by upping light wattages or decreasing light distance from canopy.[/SIZE]
6. Early growth (vegetative)
[SIZE=11pt]Once the [/SIZE]3rd true leaf is out and fully functioning up EC to 1.0EC
Once the chili plant reaches the 4-5 node remove the growth crown to promote branching and to increase yield. Increase EC to 1.1EC and slowly increase to 1.2EC during the period. At this stage apply 2-4 waterings of 13/14 PK at 20% of nutrient solution (example - 2ml A - 2mls B - 0.4ml PK13/14 - per liter) to head off any potential P or K deficiency in fast growing chilies.
Once the plant reaches the next 4-5 nodes from the primary cut, remove growth crowns again. Increase EC to 1.3EC, repot for final sized containers and start hardening off the plants by placing them in direct sunlight for 2hrs a day for 2-3 days and begin to slowly increase the direct sunlight duration over the course of the next 1-1.5 weeks.





6. Flowering:
[SIZE=11pt]Once the plant begins to express the first round of flower buds and the crowns are about to push the next round of flower buds, mix up a solution that achieves EC 1.3-1.4 with 80% AB formulation and 20% PK 13/14 to promote flowering[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]As flowers open and show pollen hand [/SIZE][SIZE=14.6667px]pollinate[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] by tickling the filament anthers and hitting the stigmas to ensure pollination if no buzz pollination insects are available. Increase EC to 1.4-1.5 depending on temps and relative humidity[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Once pods appear check EC runoff with a meter and if in excess of input EC begin reducing EC back to 1.2 and watch for any signs of lower leaf deficiency or drop. If this occurs flush the coco with a pure water (RO) or flushing product. Even if no leaf drop/issues are occurring this isn’t a bad time to flush out and have a clean base for fruiting.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=11pt]7. Harvest:[/SIZE]
Once pods begin to change color back EC down 1.0
Once at full color harvest the pods and cut back stems to half the height of the plant to start another veg/flower cycle (take back indoors to 24hr light optional for faster growth) if no new growth shoots/flowers are appearing and the plant is at maximum height.
Water & Nutrient Guide:
this is a huge topic so lets keep it simple:
for advanced growers: using reverse osmosis and building water quality from scratch is recommended. RO + Carbonates + Calcium + Nutrient to the hit the desired EC.
for beginners:  tap water that is 0.5EC and below should use half RO water and half tap to start a base around 0.2 EC to 0.3 EC adding calcium back to 0.4-0.5 EC before nutrients for best results.
EC general level guide as stated above is as follows:
1st week  - 0.33 - 0.66EC
2nd week – 0.66 - 0.99EC
3rd week – 1.1EC
4th week 1.2-1.3EC
5th week 1.4EC
8th week and beyond 1.4-1.5EC
Flowering with Pods: back EC off to 1.2EC 
Ripening: Back EC off to 1.0 EC
Restart: monitor new growth shoots at 1.0EC and gradually start bringing the solution back towards 1.4-1.5EC as the canopy returns to a full state. 
Nutrient Ratios:
I have had success with the below, however this is by no means gospel. also lets keep this simple, another huge topic.
[SIZE=11pt]N:5.2 P:3.01 K: 5.09 Ca: 5.3 S:0.8  (elemental ratios)[/SIZE]
CA/N ratio: 1 : 1.02
CA/MG ratio: 1 : 3.11
the pics above are Yellow lightning habs, rare yellow scotch bonnets, prick ch far  and some over wintered yellow ghosts/reapers that are going in my 19/20 crop and are all powering at the moment using the above.
Hope it helps out everyone!
Happy growing!