Growing out and selective seed saving

In another topic, I observed of the new Butch T x Reaper cross that two growers starting with the same seed can wind up with very different peppers depending on what traits the process of seed saving follows.  I just ran into a fantastic example of what I mean.  Using the Butch T x Reaper, but going for a much broader conversation around the question what exactly is a pepper variety?

Baker's Peppers - Photo of a Butch T x Reaper cross
Rahi Seed Bank - Photo of a Butch T x Reaper cross
I think that the gene pool for both the Carolina Reaper and the Butch T are so deep that if anyone else were to cross the two peppers, we might come up with a third example of what might happen.  Then depending on how the individual growers grow the thing out, which seeds are saved each generation, the thing will change even more.

I wonder at what point a grower should stop calling it by the peppers that were crossed and give it an entirely new name to avoid confusion.
I personally think names should be avoided until around generation 7.  Until then, use the cross name
each cross gets an identifier then each pheno does as well

so butch x reaper maybe call it

then each pheno

If you decide you want to keep br03 then just keep calling it br03
take a pictures of "correct" pheno label it br03
when you label seed add a generation identifier to each seedpacket so they aren't mixed up say br03-2, br03-3
grow out till f7+
rename it

this way you are sure which pheno is the one you want
you can say people don't have this particular strain(br03) unless they get it from you
you can identify copy cats easily by seeing if they don't have the naming system.
and of course, don't release early generation pods/seeds for any reason, no reviews, no growouts, do it all yourself.
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Juanitos, damn did you think that out?  It seems as close to perfect as a person can get.  I do have an issue with the do not share thing.  I am sure it helps to keep the names right, but I really dig the Butch T Scorpion story, how he mailed them out to anyone who wanted to participate and that it was folk at Hippie Seed that decided it was something unique, named it and so on.  Kind of like a crowd sourced pepper.

Can you tell I am an open source type?  Yep, feel guilty every time I turn on a win machine.
I am currently growing some  "Rahiseedbank" Reaper x BTS's and some from Tony (Scorched) F3's .. so I will soon be able to give you a comaprison ... I also crossed my own Reaper / BTS but it will only be F1 this season so the result wont be clear this year..
On naming conventions I have named a few of my F3 - F4 - F5's , more so so at a glance I can see whats what, so I can keep the lineage more secret and also I find it gives me more drive to comtinue to stabalise it, that being said I have only done it too three or four.   Oni  - Hells Rose - 40 Cal - Bhut Jolokia Snub Nose..  Three were crosses the Snub Nose is an uknown atm, was a mutant plant next gen will let me work out what it might of been .