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Growing Peppers 100% Indoors Under LED's

I have 5 3500K autocobs from http://cobshop.net in a 3'x5'x7' reflective indoor tent. Two on each side and 1 in the middle of the tent. Positioned like a 5 side of a dice. The lights need to stay about 15''-22'' away from the top of the plants. This was quite hard to figure out at first since the lights didn't come with directions.
I'm hoping to breed a pepper to another pepper to make a smallish hot banana hybrid. That will be fun.
Here are the peppers started indoors just recently for indoor production over the winter. The plan is to grow these peppers in 10'' pots until they produce or get too big. Then I'll bonchi a few to find out how bonsai chilies produce.
On to the pics
Ray's Sweet Habanero

Orange Pepperoncini

Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper (hot banana pepper)

Early Jalapeno

Jimmy Nardello, Golden Marconi, and Anaheim (just planted today)
Ok time for another update! Everything is doing well. I topped the first 3 peppers since they were forking and transplanted them into 10" pots. I wish they were square but round is ok for now. I'll have to try and find some square ones. For just a bit more soil mass.
On to the pics


Hungarian Hot Wax

Oranage Pepperoncini

The others are just starting about this size