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hobbies GUNS!!!!

skullbiker said:
 I think you know well enough not to weld on the thin sheet metal of a staple gun at least nothing that holds over 10k psi. A strap over the top might help or just add to the shrapnel.

Either way I'm not standing close to that thing.
Although this might be something that I may have tried, but alas, it is not my invention. Just a photo off of the good ol' internet. 
It looks quite do-able and if I ever welded one, I can guarantee it would hold(45 years maintenance and fabrication welding on class 8 trucks and heavy construction equipment).
I probably would have put a reinforcing band around the chamber tying it to the mechanism! How about you guys?  

.....new fun-stick!!

Damned nice new toy ya got there Paulky.

Biden'flation has really put a damper on new toys, I could have picked up something
but I decided to "bite the bullet" instead and buy more ammo and six more Fat 50 cans.
2000 rds Tula 7.62x39 122gr FMJ
500 rds Tula .308 150gr FMJ
200 rds ADI .223 69gr SMK

Guns without bullets are stones and clubs.
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I'd tell you what my new purchase was......but, I don't want a certain snow-haired, corrupt, authoritarian, alzheimers patient knowing I have it.....

.....sorry.......my days of posting all the guns I (used to own) are over.


Damn skippy.