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happy birthday moruga welder and Super Hots Canada

to both of you
Thanks everyone! :D
.. I have absolutely nothing planned for this day, aside from work. lol
BUT, on the bright side, I have around twenty seedlings I have started up in my bedroom in a make-shift little incubation space on a shelf above my desk. A few of my plants in my grow room are doing great, but I've lost a whole lot (and close to many more) of the seedlings I've planted since November because of the damn aphids.
Here's a photo taken last night of some of the seedlings in my bedroom:

The seedlings I've started upstairs:
(6) Bhut Jolokia White
(4) 7 Pot Brain Strain (Yellow)
(4) Devil's Brain
(3) Cheiro Roxa
(2) C. Galapagoense
(1) Giant Mexican Rocoto
(I planted Most Prolific, but none germinated)
First I would like to say  , THANK YOU EVERYONE  FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES !   I'm privileged to have such a great family outside of family , couldn't ask for such nicer folks anywhere !  well it started off like this , went to credit union yesterday ( vacation day ) to cash my check . they were having a drawing for a 65 dollar prepaid visa to celebrate 65 years in service . so while i was waiting i went to the table wrote my name and number on the little paper and threw it into the ( BIG ) bowl thinking fat chance lots of them in there and it was only noon. well i was outside this morning the phone rang an yep , they drew my name ! cool . i need to get a couple of growing items later . mama taking me out to eat after her workday . kids have a surprise party for tomorrow at my oldest daughters house SSSHHH . i'm not suppose to know . lol oh , one more thing LOOK  I got a flower on my little chocolate reaper !