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pics Harvest

bbg peach ghosts, 1 naga viper, 1 dorset naga, 1 devil's tounge


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[SIZE=14pt]Like others this time of the year, I'm getting into my last harvest.  This is bitter sweet as all my plants produced really well and the largest produced well over 6 lbs total on the year.  This last harvest was pretty small since only 2 of the 4 plants actually had a good amount of peppers, but the total weight came in at just over 2.5 lbs.  Got 7 jars fermenting in hopes of getting at least 24 bottles of various fruited sauces to give away for gifts!  [/SIZE]
My step dad picked these from my garden when I had just got out of the hospital in September. It must have taken a lot of work to harvest all of these! This will mostly hold me off through the Winter. Aji Limo, Scotch Bonnet, aji dulce Peruano, Rocoto.


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I already had just posted this to my glog  http://thehotpepper.com/topic/73129-skullbikers-roaring-into-the-twenties-glog/page-21   but what the HEdouble-hockey-sticks, I will put it here too!
Left to right: Biker Billy Jalapeno, Italian Pepperoncini, Emerald Fire Jalapeno, Martins Carrot & Bhut Jalokia Indian Carbon & Carribean Red, Cayenne, Sweet peppers(Douce D Espagne & Marconi), Numex Jalapeno Orange/Pumpkin Spice(the fat red jalapenos came from the same seed packet), Red & Yellow Brazilian Starfish, last row is Cherry Bombs and Jalapeno Giantia(which is most certainly not the case, and a few jalapeno unknown crosses which actually are fairly big.

OK, here is a small example of the harvest we have been blessed with this season.  Have had so much more to deal wither, as expected by all.  Please be safe and be blessed.
Oh, and watch out for these...Dusky Pygmy Rattler..  Pissed at me. Join the Club....


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Might not get the full variety of peppers I wanted this season, but I'm grateful for what I have. If not for the thorns, I could harvest these all day.. Which is what it takes to get any amount of them. I'd love to know how to preserve the color of these when dried. Zanthoxylum americanum.

Sinn said:
Come on guys lets see those harvests :metal:
My plants just started growing/blooming toward the end of July, middle of August, they went in the ground 1st of May!
No idea what happened? Wet spring here in the Ozarks that caused me to loose about 1/2 my starts so I started more beginning of June and a few of those have flourished better than the indoor starts but there's nothing ready to pick other than a few paprika pods.
Here's one we haven't eaten;


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With all the wet weather, harvesting has been hit and miss.  Monsoon/Hurricane season is upon us..  Still getting lots of ghosts, scorpions, cayenne, some brown egg, and small poblanos. 
 Been making powders as of late, not enough volume for a sauce, although I have one small ferment that will get processed this weekend.  One of my co-workers referrers to it as a little bottle of red stuff that resembles the pain of  mace.  I must be on the right track....


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