He hay all day!

Wanted to say welcome to myself, should of been on here at least a year ago.
I'd like to share a picture of this unknown super hot. Could it be pepper X?
Ha, let me know thoughts.
It was smokin!



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Grass Snake

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Thanks SB!
You have any idea what I'm working with here?
You'll get more help in the identification section but looks like Big Mustard Mama and that's just a wild guess. Welcome to the group. You're brave for roasting those in the house lol.
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The Hot Pepper

Post in Identification please.


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:welcome: From the Pacific North West!


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Could be anything (so many crosses out there) but as long as there is no real proof of its existence, Pepper X does not exist to me! Even if it exists, no one should have seeds because it was never officially released!