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Healthy Cayenne Pepper Plant?

I received this plant for Christmas which was from a grower at a farmer's market. He told my dad (who bought it for me) that the reason the leaves have holes in them is because he accidentally over-fertilized them.
I've had it now for about 2 weeks and I've added some water and even purchased a meter which tells me how moist the soil is. It was originally VERY moist so I haven't watered it and I'm trying to let it dry out as I've read that pepper plants grow better if they are on the dry side. (not bone dry, but not soaked either) so as of today, the moisture meter shows about mid-point.
My question is, does this plant look healthy? Should I do something else to help it?
This is my first experience at growing anything so I've been reading articles, watching videos and looking at pictures and this plant seems a little bit on the "dying" side of the spectrum but I'm not sure if that's just because it's January (I'm in Florida and in January, the temperatures are around 75 during the day, 55-60 at night and they only get about 4-5 hours of sunlight per day) or if it needs more fertilizer, more water, more something?
Just don't know if this is normal and it will start to look more "alive" as it begins to warm up, or if it's something I should act on now. I haven't left it outside when the temperature dips below about 50 at night (as we sometimes have cold fronts here)
There are still peppers growing on it and I just snipped about 4 the other day and now (about a week later) another 1 or 2 have ripened and there are other green ones still on the vine so it's definately doing something, it just looks a little pathetic based on some of the images of Cayenne Pepper plants I've seen online.
P.S. - It's a Cayenne Pepper plant.  
Any thoughts, suggestions, etc.?


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