Hello-anyone remember gardenweb?


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from the Pacific NorthWest!

I also did a stint on GW...but not on the Pepper forum...the attraction was the ORCHID forum..I did a lot of trades
with other folks ...spent mucho dinero on orchids and it was fun...since downsized.
I was "Disneyed by Spike,what an "IDIOT"👎..but somehow got back ;) on..fun times...but as things turned
out .this is the" Bestest" forum:D" Spike take this:flamethrower:
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I used to be active on the pepper and tomato forums on GW. I agree that it went downhill once Houzz took over. I got my butt chewed out by the self-appointed matriarch of the tomato forum because I expressed interest in getting seeds for some tomatoes. I was used to the friendly sharing nature of pepper people, and apparently the tomato lady didn’t approve of seed sharing.