Hello...Dancing Eyes is my name and I'm new here

Hi everyone. Dancing Eyes is a nickname my husband gave me so its what i always use when i need a user name. I'm new not only to the forum but also to fermenting and making hot sauce. I've raised a garden for years and made various kinds of salsas from my peppers, tomatoes, and tomato looks that I've grown. Canned them since we've always had a lot of produce from garden. Our family has ate a lot, I've given some as gifts and I've sold some over the years.
With the heat wave we got in Texas this year, my peppers have WAY outperformed my tomatoes. So with lots of peppers but lacking the number of tomatoes needed for traditional salsa, I started searching Pinterest for hot sauce recipes. I made a couple that just involved processing the peppers and using vinegar to liquid into a sauce. I've done the pepper sauce for years with Tabasco or Cayenne peppers in vinegar. Wanted to find something different that allowed the mixing of flavors like I did with the salsas.
That's when I saw the recipes requiring fermented pwppers. I ordered a couple of fermenting lids and springs by Ball that fit a mason jar off Amazon because that was cheapest way to go to see if 1.) I could do it and 2.) If it was something I'd enjoy.
My husband has liver cancer and can't eat the spicy peppers anymore so I started one jar of banana peppers with garlic and onion in one jar. In the other I put jalapenos, cayenne, onion and garlic. Followed two recipes I found on Pinterest but not sure of they knew anymore about it than I do. LOL. It's been 5 days for Jalapeno one and 4 days for banana peppers. Not seeing much except water getting a little cloudy BUT I didn't know I was supposed to stir or shake daily. Their instructions said to put on shelf and leave alone so that's what I did. Seemed like something should be happening so started searching Goggle and found this site and here I am. 😁
Hoping I can find more information and a better understanding about what I'm actually doing or supposed to be doing.


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Start a thread over in Hot Sauce Making and post pics of your setup and what you've done so far. Folks will be along to help you be successful.

:welcome: again!
Welcome to the party! I’ll talk ferments with ya’! Post your goodies over in the sauce section!


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Good luck with your ferments!