Hello everyone

Hi all!

I am interested in peppers since I did some jobs, working in the kitchen, now a little more than 15 years ago when I lived in Austria.
I discovered Thai, Laotian and Cambodian cuisine, and after some trips also Caribbean and South American food.
I started growing peppers on the balcony, along with tomatillos and other stuff.
Then, my wife and I moved to french Guyana for jobs, and it was there that I REALLY discovered peppers. We have built a house and lived 4 years, in tropical environment, had 2 hectars of land and growed a lot of stuff, Papayas, Mangoes, Taro, Sweet potato, Manioc, Bananas... and peppers. 
We visited north Brazil, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago and tasted a lot of great stuff there too...
Then our daughter was born, and we decided to change jobs and move to France.
We live now since one year on an atlantic island and I'm again growing stuff... The papayas didnt really worked out ;) . I have some little mangoe trees, let's see if they go through the winter... Planted also some okras, worked out well. I have now also some chili varieties, but they all got mixed up. I dont remember who gave me theses seeds, it all got a little mixed up from the moving, I will post pictures in "pepper I.D" forum section.
So, I hope I can contribute a little and I'm looking forward to learn some recipes, and maybe exchange some seeds or so.

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:welcome: From the Pacific NorthWest, USA!
Did you sample any wild peppers when you
were in Guyana?
PaulG said:
:welcome: From the Pacific NorthWest, USA!
Did you sample any wild peppers when you
were in Guyana?
Hello PaulG,
I have sampled some different peppers through the years, yes.
The problem is that nearly all plant and animal species there, even if they occur also in other countries are given specific vernacular names.
There are a lot of different languages spoken there ( at least 10) so it's even more difficult to give an "international" name to a species.

Like I said, I have managed to grow 3 different pepper types this summer, even if I have 5-8 other species sleeping in the deep freezer, and I will post photos in the next days on forum - "I.D section"
I am clearing out a little overgrown garden at this moment and I hope I can plant all the seeds I brought back next spring.