Hello from Oregon

Hi, I just recently found this site after developing a interest in fermenting hot sauces. I live in the Willamette valley and have a decent climate for some peppers.
I have been raising all of the classic peppers (jalapeno, serrano, Bells, poblano) for years and save seeds. Recently started growing some habanero with mixed results. I'm here to learn more and grow some other hot varieties.


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:welcome:from the Pacific NorthWest!
Where in Oregon?
:welcome:from the Pacific NorthWest!
Where in Oregon?
Paul, I've spent the last couple of days reading through the forums. I noticed you have been very active here with some good info on growing varieties. Most of them I have never heard of. Would you have any suggestions for in ground hot peppers I might be able to ripen in the garden?
I have had great success growing bells, jalapeno, serrano, poblano. I now need to step it up for my hot sauce addiction.

My Habanero plants seemed to drop many flowers until late summer when they stared to set fruit. I ended up digging up 2 plants and have them in pots on a heat mat in a small greenhouse this year. Hoping for a jump start in 2022.
I attempted to overwinter in the house last year but gave up due to the aphid battle. Nothing organic seemed to stop them. IMG_0449[1].JPG