Hello from Québec, Canada

Hi, my name is Sebastien and I am from Quebec.
When I was younger (7-8 years old), I grew with success yellow and green beans.
At that age, I was pretty proud. That was pretty much my only gardening experience until last year.
I tried growing peppers last season, but I started too late and my 2/3 shaded garden produced very few, small peppers.
I'm growing in pots this year - a few in fabric pots, but most in black plastic 2-3-4-5 gal pots.
At this moment in time, I have 4 lightning habaneros, a few cayenne, jalapenos, sweet banana, yolo wonder and another type that I can't remember.
Tomorrow, I will be picking up 2 super hot peppers seedlings from a local guy that put up an ad on classified ads website - I'm not sure what I'm going to get.
Maybe reapers.
I am currently experimenting with a few different soil mixes to see what can get me good results.
Currently, my base mix is made from 1/3 sphagnum peat moss 1/3 perlite and 1/3 compost. To that, I add fresh compost from my local forest, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, shrimp powder, dolomitic lime, Karanja meal, neem cake, live worms, worm castings from my worm bin, azomite and other rock dusts, fish bone meal, and malted barley. To that, I added about 10-15% of a cooked batch of super soil with high nitrogen Canadian bat guano. Some pots are topped with dried forest leaves and other with a straw-like dried plant I harvested near my house.
Even though these may seem like a lot of amendments, I didn't put too much in my batch, not to burn the plants. After 2 weeks, they seem to like it.
I'm currently experimenting with compost and nutrient teas. I am also trying to learn Korean natural farming. I should be making a fermented plant juice soon and try it out.
So far, my plants are looking good. I may provide pictures to those interested.
I originally subscribed to this forums so I could get access to the Marketplace (is that even okay to do?) but will probably stay around for a while.
If any of you have tips so I can get a successful growing season, please let me know!
Hi Sebastien, nice growing soil mix, hope you have a great growing and harvest season!  :welcome: from the Philippines!