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Hello from Southern Indiana

Hello, and thanks for all the free advice I've gotten since stumbling upon the site last summer. I finally decided to register this year so I could participate more in the conversations. Last year I grew some ghost chilis, Trinidad scorpions, and Caribbean red habaneros in addition to my jalape√Īos. I had 3 plants each of the superhots and had plenty of peppers to make lots of salsa and I dehydrated and powdered the rest. I ordered some reapers last year when I heard of them on here but sadly, I started too late and they never made any peppers before frost. They took almost a month to germinate in an outdoor greenhouse in May/June so this year I planned to get an early start. I planted in jiffy pellets on a warming mat in my basement and they popped in less than a week. So now I have to baby them for a few months indoors.
Look forward to learning and sharing.
Howdy!  :fireball:  Been growing peppers for a long time but only recently got into some superhots, like you I am starting them earlier this year, this week actually.  See ya around here!

My reapers too sprouted in a week. They are a month old now. I wanted to get an early harvest this year since I got hit with the russet mites and did not want to save anything.