Hello from Stockholm!

Hi folks! :)

My name is Thomas and live in Stockholm, Sweden. This is my first year growing chillies and right now I have 16 plants at home. They are 11 different varieties all chinese or annuum.

I started out planting 33 seeds in late january, three seeds per variety. My logic was that 2/3 would germinate and of the two seedlings one of them would reach full adult age. I turned out that all of them except the Nagas germinated and of the remaining all but two reached adult age... They succumbed to a drought that took place when my girlfriend and I spent a weekend in Budapest. Sadly, my parents never got my text asking them to take care of my children...)

Then there was my girlfriend, 28 chillies and me enjoying life in my small apartment... Only 29 of us was happy with this...

So I gave some of them away to friends and put a few of them in my parents garden... 16 plants is still a lot I guess. A few weeks ago some of them started to look sick and drop leaves. Some stopped growing their fruits.. Some stopped growing all together. In desperation I started googling around for answers and luckily I stumbled across this forum. From what I can tell it looks likes the problem is a combination of overwatering, nitrogen deficiency and ye olde wind being the enemies here. I've implemented a plan (repotting, adding some nutrients and keeping the hell away) and now, only a few days later, my plants are looking much better.

Thank you all for that! :)

Some snapshots:



The Budapest Disaster. All but two survived this horrible event.


Orange Habaneros:


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