Hello from SW WA

I am just a hobbyist grower from southwest Washington state that got bit by the pepper bug pretty hard.  I have been spending most of my time over on the G+ community Pepper Lovers.  Been growing peppers for about 2 years now and have grown anything from super hots all the way down to culinary peppers for cooking which the rest of the family can handle.  I don't ever really see this being anything more than a hobby for me.  I do enjoy making hot sauces, jams, powder etc but mostly just for myself and to give away as gifts to friends and family.   I have collected over 100+ different types of pepper seeds and am slowly making my way though the list.  This season i have about 30 different varieties growing.  Most are in either fabric pots or double bucket systems.  I do have 4 in a dutch bucket system i put together this spring.  Right now my favorite peppers are probably some variant of Scotch Bonnet, really enjoy the Scotch Brains which is one of the main peppers in one of my hot sauces.  Seems like a lot of things in the Pepper world lead here so thought i would get involved.  
RipxTHP or Gage in real life.  
Welcome from the Methow Valley...the DRY side of the state!  
We have a chilehead camp out/ potluck in September near Seattle.  Check it out and hope you can join us! 
PS- would you care to share a town name?  or general area? 
Hello and welcome from the UK glad to meet another bonnet enthusiast... have a look at my grow and give me a shout later in the season and I will send you some bonnet seed