Hello from the chef at Nomadic Eats!

Hello all! I’m a chef, been in kitchens for 30yrs, now operate a food truck and a pop up diner that focuses on foods from around the world where I’ve traveled. AND NOW I’M STARTING A LINE OF HOT SAUCES. 😁

Been lurking for a bit, but finally got around to creating an account. The community seems great here, glad to join.

I’ve been to 27 countries so far, and still going. My food truck started as a fusion of mostly Latin and SE Asian foods, and there’s a good bit of good ole Southern influence in there now. Excited about finally getting around to bottling hot sauces. The line is called “Jet Lagged”, and follows the same travel inspired theme. Main ingredients from two places in the world, centered on the history and influence as they’ve migrated through the world. The “No.” on the label will be the mileage between the two origin countries of the ingredients.

Anyway, excited to be here. Here’s some eye candy of one of them.