Hello from the UK!

Hello Everyone,
Im Dan and I live in the Wiltshire west country area of the UK, I work as a Chef in a well established Busy Gastro style posh Pub close to my home and have passions for growing and cooking with home grown ingredients. Some time last year I started taking the growing pretty seriously and the plant Im obsessed with is Chillies! 2014 has been my first serious grow and really quite experimental as my knowledge on growing them has mostly come from youtube/internet etc
Really what im looking to get from this forum is a few chilli friends and some tips and hints on growing along the way. As my other passion since I was 15 was cooking and have been in the catering business for over 10 years and I want to produce my own sauces/marinades/chutneys/jams/seasonings for work, friends and family and hopefully if successful... sell my own produce at farmers markets food festivals etc.
My grow consists of 14 Chilli Plants which were sown late February early March. I have some sweet peppers and hotter varieties 5 different types and all are now in 10 litre pots. I did cut back the plants about a month ago after doing it I heard sometimes its not the best thing to do, some were cut back a bit too much and others aren't as bad and some not touched hense why ive found it a bit of an experimental grow.
I already have next seasons seeds and homework done, I have a wishlist of seeds I will purchase.. I chosen to go through seaspring seeds and nickys nursery because of the great reputation and feedback ive seen on tinternet. Ive chosen varieties which have heritage to there country of origin and specific to spices,sauces and dishes known around the world like Usa Jamaica Trinidad Italy turkey india etc.
Quite a long winded introduction but as im fairly new to forums and best to get it all out in one go ;) if you got this far then thanks I appreciate you taking time out to read this. Ill try and get some photos up of my plants in the near future!
Just want to say thank you to everyone who has posted here. Great to see so many friendly people here... We're all here for the same reason. The love of the chili pepper. Look forward to talking to everyone soon. Will definitely have to show some photos of my first grow. I'm glad I chose this forum other the other ones. Thank you :)