Hello hello! 👋

Hi All!

I’m Pepper Pagan, aka Ryan!

I’ve been growing chillies for about 6 years now and have been pretty obsessed since day one!

This year I’m growing Golden Cayennes, Black Hungarians, Jalapeño Zapotecs, Pockmark Oranges, Bleeding Jigsaws, 7-Pot 7DXs, Caramel Moruga Scorpions and Chocolate Habaneros!

I’ve been fermenting my chillies for about 4 years now and making home made hot sauces.

All of which I post on my pepper pagan Instagram. :)

I surprisingly only just found this website, so I hope to share some of my experiences with you all and also learn as much as possible.

Hope to speak to you all soon!



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from the Pacific NorthWest, USA!


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