Hi,my name is Lasha. I am from Tbilisi,Republic of Georgia and i like to grow Peppers!
Last Spring my brother suggested to buy some pepper seeds while we were shopping for some goods ,he picked package with red long peppers which turned out to be Cayenne peppers. I knew nothing about growing peppers.I decided to use a wet papertowel method. I was not very cautious about wetting towels regularly so it took long to germinate( i was losing hope, because i did not know germination time of seeds).At last they germinated at pretty good rate. After that i transplanted them in small yoghurt containers and finished them in one 6 gallon pot and two 2,5 quart pepsi bottles. Despite my mistakes i got pretty good yield. After i noticed plants could nno longer cope with cold weathers i harvested them all and pickled it. Pickles aged well for 3-5 months and tasted delicious. It was my first grow and pickling.
I plan to grow more varieties for this season so i decided to join forum.


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