Hello, fellow pepper lovers! I'm a gardener in WI and I've been growing peppers for a couple years now. I got into pepper breeding and stabilizing hybrids last year after I got a strange hybrid plant pop up. At first, I was mostly interested in tomatoes, but I seem to have a knack for growing peppers, and after my unique happy accident plant showed up, I've been really interested in trying to grow as many unique and rare peppers as I can.

I grow primarily Thai, habanero, and ghost varieties, but I also have a soft spot for crosses, wild types, dark foliage varieties, and anything that's strange, unusual, or otherwise rare and interesting. If I had to choose, I prefer C. chinense varieties best because of their growth pattern, I love how bushy and symmetrical they are, they almost remind me of flowers. I really like the chinense flavor and huge variety of fruits as well.

I hope to occasionally share about my pepper growing ventures, breeding and stabilization results, and I want to share some reviews of rare and unique varieties I grow so that others can decide if they're interested in trying them out, too!

I'm excited to be a part of the community, thank you!


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