Hi, I'm in my first year of expanding my chile pepper growing from the backyard to a small local organic farm here in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. From my wife and I first growing in a community garden plot, I jokingly called our setup the Weingärtner Micro Farm. While much bigger now, we're still quite small scale on the agricultural scene. We still have a lovely backyard garden, in addition to my 1/50th of an acre plot where I just finished putting in 215 plants. I have over 35 varieties of chilies on the go this year, with the majority being Cayenne, New Mexican chile varieties from Hatch and land race varieties from northern New Mexico around Santa Fe. I also have some Jalapeños, some mild peppers, a few Peruvian Ají varieties, and some of the "super hots" like Carolina Reaper, Ghost and Scorpion. I'll be doing flame roasted chile that we plan to can, make lots of hot sauces, and the farm I'm growing on also has a cafe that already wants to buy chiles off me. I'm excited for this season, and looking forward to being a part of the Pepper community here! - Brian


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:welcome: from the Pacific NorthWest,USA!