My name is Ionut, 32 years old, and i live in Romania.
I am new to this forum. I like to grow chilly pepper, but i must addmit that i grow more chillies than i can eat so i process them into sauces and powders.
In the last 3 years i didn't grew any chillies because i was very busy with my job and the two children, but for 2023 i already started some seeds (quite old ones, i hope will germinate), and i have an order for new seeds placed.
Thank you all for the kind welcome. I will definitely return with a grow list, i am waiting for some seeds to arrive right now.
The old seeds that i sowed are: Fatalli yellow, Tepin, Aji Charapita, Habanero red, Guajillo, 3 kinds of Rocoto, i have no idea what varieties they are. I think i forget somethin, i will need to check the list.


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:welcome: From the Paific NorthWest, USA!


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