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plant Help for identifying a pepper.

I first saw this pepper in the early 70s on my Dads farm in OH.
We all know about the hidden flavors behind the heat of all peppers.
The plant was in a large pot & looked just like a Habanero, even turning red when ripe.

I enjoyed Habanero's so I took a bite, & was surprised that there was no heat at all only
a super tropical fruity flavor & smell. My wife loves this pepper & has been trying to find it ever since.

Roulette a pepper she ordered last year, sounded like it but it was not even near the smell & taste of this mystery pepper.

Anyone ever hear of a heatless Habanero that taste like the tropics.
Okay you said 1970s this is not it then but give it a try.
Well it sounds great & we will give it a try.
The wife looked at the pics of ripe orange Habanada & said NO, that's not it
& it's not because her pepper turns red when ripe.

To this day I still believe it was a defanged Habanero, somehow like a Green pepper can
turn Hot when pollenated by a hot pepper. Perhaps this was a sport, I wish I'd saved the seed.

The Hot Pepper

There's one that could date back that far called TAM Mild Habanero (Texas A&M). It's called mild but can have no detectable heat.

The Hot Pepper

Thank you PF that looks like we may have found it. The Wlfe is Happy :dance: so now back to my needs
A Gallon or 2 of Peach / Scotch Bonnet sauce. All our Peaches, Apples. Pears, all grapes except 2 Bunches of Diamond
grapes, all got hit with a 1-2 freeze this Spring that left them all bare 4 this year.

As an Organic grower I just take care of everything this year & look towards the future aka, Next year LOL.
I am so happy I found this wonderful place, thanks to everyone for being so great & making a great place for us all..