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video Here it is! My first pod review video! 7 Pot Yellow

Hello fellow pepper heads!  I finally got around to doing some minor editing and uploading of my first ever video pod review!  Todays pepper is the 7 Pot Yellow.  Before this video, none of us had ever had anything close to this kind of heat (did I mention this was a group review?).  Overall is was a surprisingly good taste and the heat held off for a few seconds to allow me to enjoy that nice flavor.  The burn itself?  It was damn hot and focused almost exclusively on my tongue, which I thought was odd since I always heard people get a lot of burn in their throat when eating a 7 Pot, but I digress... 
Oh and I apologize in advance for the peanut gallery viewing in the background being loud and making all sorts of unnecessary comments and such; I did not intend to have such a large group of observers, mainly because I felt that it would detract from the overall video...
Enjoy and thanks for watching!
Beelzeboss said:
Nice, you handled that very well, right on, thanks for sharing.
You're quite welcome, and thanks!  This was fun, I doubt it will be my only review.
sp33d said:
Nice man thanks for sharing ...I ate a whole chocolate scorpion over the weekend and will never do it again..
I have yet to eat a scorpion pepper of any kind, but I'm certainly open to the idea.  Next year I should be growing some Butch T's!
Nigel said:
That`s great! Really `effin funny. 
You did a great job with that, those things are no freakin` joke!!!
Thanks, Nigel, that means a lot!  I love watching all of your video reviews!
tctenten said:
Nice review. Definitely will watch more reviews from you and your friends.
Thank you!  As I said earlier I'm sure this is only the first of what are hopefully many more reviews to come.  I talked to Jim and he said he's down for some future videos  :party: