Hey fellow pepper heads! I'm an amateur hot sauce maker who might move to big time soon!

Hey yall, glad I found this forum!

I'm a huge fan of hot sauces and make my own hot sauces, mostly fermented. I started making them personally, then for friends and family after they started begging for bottles.

The feedback so far has been great, so I'm thinking of delving into making small batches for sale. Hoping to learn some things here that I can apply to that!


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:welcome: from the Pacific NorthWest!
I've often thought about going down similar paths. I hope you will post your efforts. I always get a bit concerned about what sort of certs, etc. one has to address in order to sell food type stuff. There's a local pepper, sauce, trinkets, souvenir shop in my area that I've thought about approaching with my "leftovers." Trade for a t-shirt or something. Good luck! Cheers!