Hey Pepper Lovers!

Hey All! I'm Barry from Bradford in the UK. I've been growing pepper plants since 2019, which all came about after my partner bought me a 'Grow Your Own Scotch Bonnets' kit, which was a bit of a novelty Christmas gift in 2018. I love spicy food, so my partner thought I might enjoy growing some spicy peppers! I'm sure she probably regrets that purchase now that there are pepper plants on pretty much every south-facing window ledge in our house! 😂

I set up the grow kit in early summer 2019 and to my utter amazement, I got seven seedlingsI fully expected nothing to happen, because I'd never tried to grow anything before. The kit was very sparse on instructions and I had no idea how to care for them. I made the mistake of not pricking them out into their own pots and simply planted them all together in a two-litre pot, so all of the roots intertwined. I also didn't care for them properly for the first year either and they started to look sad in their pot, so I decided to investigate why and that's where my passion for pepper plants exploded! After research, I got them looking in good shape and had a really good crop from them last year. They're fruiting again now too, but sadly two of them look to have a fungal infection! I guess that's the main drawback of growing multiple plants in the same pot, one gets a problem and so do the others! I harvested seeds last year though, so I think I should be good to grow more.

Once I got the bug. last year I decided to grow Jalapeños, Tabascos, Red Habaneros, Trinidad Scorpions, Ghosts, and Carolina Reapers! This year, I've planted all sorts but not had the best germination rate unfortunately. However, I've had an Aji Charapita, a couple of Birds Eyes, six Armageddons, a Trinidad Moruga Red Scorpions and four Carolina Reapers, so not too bad!

Looking forward to getting stuck into the forum and chatting to you! Happy growing! 😁


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