Hi from NW England

Hi All. I've only just discovered this forum but immediately you seem like a friendly and informative bunch of guys.
There are a couple of faces I recognise from the CG forum in the UK Hi there!

ChilliJez - Jeremy, living in Nantwich, Cheshire, NW England with my wife Jo and kids Molly and Sam. Sadly I'm the only chilli lover here.

I've worked in wine production for the last 17 years (British Columba, NZ, Western Cape, France, UK) but now I'm taking an enforced break for health reasons.

Which gives me the excuse to get stuck into growing some chillies. My grow list this year;

Annuum (25) Ramiro, Small Sweet Orange, Traffic Light, Topepo Rosso, Antohi Romanian, Serrano Del Sol, Jalapeno Early, De Arbol, Pasilla Bajio,
Ancho Mulato, Ancho Poblano, Chilhuacle Negro, Onza, Padron, Gorria, Rouge de la Bresse, Grekisk Paprika, Hungarian Hot Wax, Tunisian Baklouti,
Santa Fe Grande, Fresno, Joe's Long, Black Pearl, New Delhi Long, Tepin
Chinense (9) Aji Dulce, Roberto's Cuban Seasoning, Numex Suave, Paper Lantern, Fatali, Scotch Bonnet, Habanero White, Trinidad 7 Pot, Bhut Jolokia
Baccatum (5) Madre Vieja, Lemon Drop, Nepalese Bell, Ubatuba, Dedo De Mocha
Frutescens (4) Exploding Fire, Bolivian Rainbow, Japones, Bangalore Torpedo
Pubescens (1) Rocoto Yellow

I'm interested most I guess in chillies used in their local cuisine. So Oaxaca's my current theme; 60 varieties only grown locally. All those Moles. That kinda stuff.

Anyway Hi again! I look forward to learning lots from you all!
Bolivian Rainbow IS C.Annuum

Point taken PepperLover I bought the seed from the following;


You'll appreciate my mistake. Trawling the net I see that most list it as Annuum.

And thanks for the welcome!

Hello from Portland Dorset. I was in Nantwich this week!! We have installed an aquarium at reaseheath college. All the best and good luck.