Hi from Southern East Europe

I have the love for hot papers from my gradma if not further down the ancestry line. I grew to like them even more when mingling with colleagues in Asia, to their astonishment, I could handle the heat of a Korean hot souse without a hitch and better (in their estimate) than another colleague from India.
Have been growing mostly local varieties, (because of being busy with other things), and have been satisfied with them, but from this year I expanded much more my hot peppers plot, both variety and plant number-wise. And as the appetite comes with the uptake, I've looking up/wanting more :)
Very Glad to meet everyone here!


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From the Pacific NorthWest USA!
Thanks a lot for all those positive vibes!
As I've knocked about a bit, am now so excited to see here people around that connect me with found memories from places.
How wonderful will it be to grow a pepper / plant from each of your locations, as well as send you some from the current mine !
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