Hi from the Great White North (Canada)

Well I lie. It's not exactly super white out. This is the second Christmas in a row that things aren't so white. There is a light dusting of snow outside though, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Lol Crazy for here. Anyway...

I've been growing weed using a no-till organic method I've developed over the last couple decades, and considering I have enough bud and bubble hash put away to last about 100 lifetimes, I thought I'd try something different. So being a lover of hot peppers, in September I planted some hot pepper seeds instead. Now I have my first Ghost peppers starting to mature (nothing red yet) along with Red Caribbean Habaneros and also cayenne (piccante de cayenna) and something called "Super Chilli Hybrids". These are growing in a 150 gallon pot in a 5X5 tent lighted with four 240W Kingbrite V4 Samsung LM301H LED based quantum boards with Osram coloured diodes. While it was a great amount of light for weed, I quickly found out that peppers can be a bit more sensitive. So the lights are dimmed to take about 650W from the wall right now. My tent contains four 6" clip fans for air movement attached to the four corner poles, plus a Vivosun 6" inline fan to exhaust stale air directly outdoors (no carbon filter).

I generally add water only to my grows without any added nutrients or fertilizers since the method relies only on organic material cycling. The hottest stuff I use is alfalfa pellets, but not too often. I use cover crops with the weed, but peppers being perennials I didn't do that this time around. I do keep a 3" layer of organically grown timothy hay over the the top of the soil at all times though. I'll post pics and updates once I'm able to do so by Forum rules.


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:welcome:From the Pacific NorthWest, USA!


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Welcome neighbour (Trois-Rivières, Québec)!
4" snow yesterday and heading for -30, -20 right now.
I envy you because that's almost enough for x-country skiing. This "inbetween" part of year here when enduro and downhill bike riding season is over and ski season is yet to begin is worse than a covid lockdown for me. *kidding*

I always have other things to do though. Like watch my peppers grow indoors while it snows in the middle of January. Lol


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