Hi, Hola, Hej and Hallo.

Greetings from Sweden,

My name is Steve and as you can see from the subject I'm hi-lingual.

I'm new to the world of eating hot peppers and I'm looking to increase my tolerance to the point where I can someday eat a whole Super-hot ranging from a Ghost pepper to a Reaper and still be able to keep my composure.

The hottest pepper I have currently tried is store-bought African bird's eye chili. I've been eating 4 of them a day for the past 3 weeks and while I feel my tolerance for those has increased a lot it is difficult to be sure since they wavier in SHU's so much from pepper to pepper. I've had a tiny one burn me 3 times more than a much larger one in comparison.

I ate a Habanero (store-bought grown in the Netherlands) last week and it wasn't even as hot as some of the bird's eye. From my understanding, the high end of the SHU for a bird's eye is the low end of the scale for some Habanero's, so perhaps I got a hab on the lower end?

Either way, I'm looking forward to purchasing some pods from some of you to work on my tolerance as Hab's are about as hot of pepper you're likely to find in stores here in Sweden or in my part of it at least.

I'm not looking to get too crazy. Do I want to increase my tolerance to test my mettle? Sure, there is some of that. however, mostly I want to so I can enjoy the flavors of whole pods without being overwhelmed by the heat, and that being all I can think about.

Glad to be here!
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