Hi - New Sauce Maker Looking to Expand

My sauce making journey started simple. I would take my favorite hot sauces and mix them with butter, flour, and maybe some garlic to make them better for wings. After noticing how cheap peppers are, I decided to try making my sauces completely from scratch.

Now I have a really good mango habanero sauce that several friends liked enough, they said they would buy a bottle. I was comfortable enough sharing the tiny batch I made the next day with it being refrigerated the whole time, but for this next go, I'm hoping to find some advice on turning up the heat and making sure my product has a safe shelf life.

I'll post the recipe that I used for the mango habanero sauce in the next day or two if there is a good place to submit recipes for critiquing. I'm sure there's a lot I could be doing better!


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