vendor Hinterlands Trading Co.

First let me tell you a little about my self and how I ended up at Hinterlands website. I am a second year grower, first year from seed. Like so many I picked up a few plants from the local big box (walmart) last year and was hooked. They grew really well for me, I saved seeds, had fantastic germination, and in Nov of last year I decided to see what other types of peppers were out there.

The first search results took me to both Ebay and Amazon. I was once a vendor on ebay, and have since closed my ebay account, so I gravitated towards Amazon. In particular an add for "20+ Bhut Jolokia / Naga Morich Seeds These are true Bhut seeds!!! sold only with the "Seeds and Things" Labeled package Beware of less expensive seeds." I thought (wrongly) hmm, they must know what they are talking about. They must be an expert in their field, look at all the positive feedback, and if everyone is trying to imitate them, then they must be the best that Amazon has to offer.

Before I put any real money on the line, I decided to experiment with the seeds I'd saved from the previous year. My thinking was, if I can get my own seeds to start - then I'll risk the money and pick up someone else's.

I started about 60 ish (IIRC) from my own seed, and had the majority germinate (about 92%). So I decided to pick up some "bhut" seeds from Hinterlands. While perusing their shop front, I came across about 20 varieties I wanted to try. I bought more than I had expected too, but with a reasonable price, and such a great report (of course I didn't know Amazons system (like ebays) is flawed for seeds) how can I go wrong?

I ordered a ton of seeds - choco habs, Jamaican scotch bonnets, and on and on (in addition to the bhuts). Planted them in the jiffy greenhouses and used the exact same methodology as I did with the first batch that worked so well. My germination rates were TERRIBLE for most, and 0% for chocolate habs.

I was a little upset, and sent out an email right away. The girl that I spoke to was really apologetic, and offered to make things right by either re-shipping the order, or refunding my money. I opted for the former (long growing season here in Florida after all), and received my seeds promptly. Even received a bunch (like 10 or 12 I think?) of bonus seed packs.

I had better germination rates with the varieties that I tried to start. I was pleased.

HOWEVER now that I have grown them out, almost every variety that I purchased has turned out to be orange habaneros. Bhut Jalokia (which didn't come in the seeds of change packet btw) was orange habs, and the same with my chocolate habs, red carribean habs, red scotch bonnets, Trinidad scorpion Butch T, 7pods and so forth. The cayennes grew out to look like cayennes, but have no heat. Its been suggested by members here that they are "Holy Mole" peppers.

The "Yellow Jamaican Scotch Bonnets" turned out to be an Annuum Bonnet. Which is not all that common from what I hear (though it might be some early unstable hybrid).

Naga Morrich appears to have grown true, as did the Douglah.

In the end if I were to rate them on a 1 to 5 scale where 5 is awesome, and 1 is I hope their garden becomes infested with mites, I rate them a 2. Their customer service was fantastic. Their product was horrible both in overall germination rates, and in their seed growing true to type.

I cannot in good conscience recommend this company.
Very similar experience here...... I ordered three ornamental pepper seed packs: Explosive Ember, Color Guard, Pretty in Purple.
Shipment was swift, seeds looked clean and in good shape ( quantity as stated - no extras!).
I planted a 72 cell tray along with seeds of two unknown attractive ornamentals that I salvaged from frost killed Lowes plants.
100% of my salvaged seeds germinated, Hinterlands Color Guards ~ 75%, Pretty in Purple ~ 50%, Explosive Ember 0.0%.
I emailed Hinterlands only mentioning the Explosive Ember, requesting possible replacement from a different seed lot.
Their response was immediate by email and reshipment of my original complete order. I was sent duplicate packs from two locations.
It was too late to grow out the replacement seeds this season..... Bottom line rating....Customer service = 5, Quality = 2-3,
True to type = 'to be determined'. Parting comment = " I'll NOT be back "
aye - just remember that this was all BEFORE my discovery of THP, or even another gardening forum that I'm a part of.

Now, I've little need to look beyond the members here. The vendor members care about their reputation. PLUS they seem to be mostly better than average any way :)