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Hey All,

Hope I've found my people. I don't have much of a network or sound board for some of my methods and I'm hoping to diversify my sauces through you guys. I've only been doing this stuff for two months but I've got a Thai chili recipe I'm working out and a couple other pepper blends fermenting at home right now.

Im based in Los Angeles, CA and hoping that eventually I have a recipe worth bottling and selling. Still looking into what that process looks like. Pretty sure I'll have to make this in a commercial kitchen but right now i'm trying to have up to 5/6 ferments going on a time to expedite nailing a recipe. While these bad boys ferment I am trying to form that tangible list of hoops to jump through once I think it's go time.

If anyone has any experience selling a fermented or cooked hot sauce in CA I'd appreciate a chat on discord or something! Happy hot saucing everyone.

Personal commercial favs to share with you guys, these are delicious:
High Desert's Tikk-Hot Masala
Karma Sauce's Curry Karma
Lan Prik's Chili Sauce
Trader Joe's Peri Peri Sauce
Kill Sauce's Carolina Sauce


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