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hot-sauce Hog's Ass Hot Sauce

This is another one of my GO TO sauces. Hog's Ass has fantastic flavor, garlic, Hab's & Cayenne peppers. Truth be told, Cayenne pepper is my #1 choice for flavor & heat(I go through a ton of Cayenne pepper, I put it on EVERYTHING).
The taste is garlic followed by the Cayenne fruity flavor mixed with the Hab heat, really a very well balanced sauce. Vinegar is kept to a minamum probily due to the fruit juices & orange extract.
Far from a face melting sauce, but packs the heat & flavor that should make it a staple in any lover of heat's house, great stuff.
Heat level is around a 5-6 I imagine.
I really like cayenne myself and if you want a great cayenne based hot sauce try Dan-T's Inferno. It is about an 8 heat. I carry a bottle with me any time I go out to eat, I use in on almost everything.
I just noticed that you are from Toronto. That is where I order the Dan-T's Inferno hot sauce from, it is made up there somewhere. If you are interested in a good cayenne you might try Boncheff Greenhouses for it.
Yes Dan-T's is a really nice sauce, most grocery stores carry it. If you dig that one you should try his others (8 in all), not really hot but damn tasty (The Balsamic herb is to die for)
I really like the Three Pepper sauce also. I found with the Dan-t's Cayenne sauce you don't color the taste of the food and get heat. In fact when you use one of the other "not so hot" ones you can add the cayenne to it and not change a thing. I use it in just almost everything I eat. I even use it in pancake syrup or a cup of tea.