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Honey and Cowboy Candy

Took a cowboy candy recipe, changed jalepeno to hab type peppers and dehydrated.  I am wondering if honey would dehydrate the same as the sugar syrup of cowboy candy?  Honey dipped peppers sound good if I can dry the honey  Sounds messy if not.
I have made cowboy candy with serranos and it is messy. Never thought of dehydrating it. How does it end up? Like hard candy?
First tries were crunchy like potato chips.  So I started using thicker peppers  Crunchy outside but chewy inside.  I do not know that they are shelf stable at all.  I thought to treat them like dehydrated fruit, but still unsure.  Someone at THP had a plan for sharing Halloween candy,  I really wanted to participate but figured since it is not shelf stable I would probably kill someone,