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cooking Honey mustard - cooked?

Has anyone ever done a honey mustard using the hot-fill method? Everything I see on the internet is just mix everything together and then refrigerate. I'd like to bottle some and avoid the refrigeration part without adding preservatives. I'm thinking the honey and vinegar should keep it shelf stable if heat things up to the usual 180 degrees. Anyone play around with something like this?  


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Check your pH - if it's below 4 then I'd wager it's fine out of the refrigerator.
Most mustards I'm used to are never stored in the fridge. However they do tend to oxidize (or something) over a long period of time and tend to get darker in colour and the flavour mellows.
Mustard is antimicrobial and a natural preservative.
Honey in it's natural state is a preservative as well, but adding the liquid mustard to the honey may hinder it's preservative properties. It works as a preservative because of the high concentration of sugar that forces the water out of any yeast or bacteria cellls (osmosis). Pure honey will never ferment or go bad. The addition of water to the honey turns it into an excellent food for yeast and bacteria, think mead.