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event Hop Sauce NJ

DEFCON Creator said:
Unfortunately, they ran out of room before I was able to grab a spot. Oh well, next year....
i got myself on the vendor mailing list right after last years ended, and got lucky this year!
Highriver and Heartbreaking Dawns both had great things to say about it last year...if the weather is nice, should be a blast!!
Red Hawk Premium Peppers will be there in Beach Haven!!!
We would have been there last year (which I heard was epic) but the deer we hit at 6:00 a.m. on the way to show at 70 mph kind of changed that. We are looking forward to being there this year!
Oh please, we hit a Slambi at well-over 70 on Rte 380 comin' back from Toronto years ago in a 2001 Pathfinder SE and there was virtually no damage besides a new grill, after picking out the fur from the radiator (which survived as well).
I'm not sure I agree with their lottery system. For a NJ festival, normally NJ companies would be encouraged, as is with most regional shows we deal with. I couldn't make it last year, we wanted to go last year, but had 2 family emergencies (MAJOR medical stuff) the first year. I played it off on the "too much traffic" thing to quell the questions why we weren't doing it, and from there forward Defcon (a semi-known NJ company, LOL!) is just not considered as an attendee. So be it.
I see that Defcon, Gemini Crow and Jersey Barnfire are on the list of vendors as well as many other good ones.  Anyone on the forums here planning on attending?  Should be a good time.