hops n habas

havent posted many pics so here is some hops and ghost pepper varieties im growing in tubs

Do you grow the hops for brewing?  I am hoping to start this fall using purchased materials,but would very much like to eventually grow all my ingredients.  We try to produce as many of our own needs as possible.  Bier isn't exactly a need, but it just seems like everything is better when you produce it yourself.
grantmichaels said:
Don't lose the beard in that case! :rofl:
Selling at a festival, someone came to booth to check vendor's licenses.  Says he is from the Kentucky Department of Revenue.  Wife started screaming to me: Pa Pa blow the still.  Revenuers r here.  I came out with my big old beard and the guy laughed and laughed and laughed.

Ye, now that the grey is setting in I can pass for the stereotype.