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bottling Hot fill/hold for plastic bottles?

Hi folks! From a safety perspective, I would assume that a hot fill/hold procedure will work just as well with a plastic bottle - so long as there is a continuous thread cap with liner - as it would for a glass woozy bottle? The principle is just to use the 180+ degree sauce to sanitize the cap area.
Would love to hear from anyone who has used fill/hold for plastic bottles, or who has any concerns about this method with plastic.
Thanks all!
Certain plastics will allow hot fill and some wont. I use plastic gal jugs for BBQ Sauce from Berlin Packaging but made sure they were hot fallible. Supplier should be able to tell you if they are hot fill or not. Just MAKE SURE they are or you will end up with a mess or the potential of plastic taste effecting product and as always make sure they are FOOD GRADE FDA compliant.