bottles-jars Hot filling large quantities

Sorry if this information has been posted already,
I would like to start hit filling in larger quantities, around 80-100 bottles,
Or wandering what other options would be available to have a shelf stable product.
I'm struggling to find any helpful information through master google and the such.
I'm South island NZ based so outsourcing isn't an option, I'd like to keep the whole process as independent as possible.
Thanks in advance!
Welcome Hellcat!

there are some tutorials in the Hot Sauce Making section.

And one from the Food Biz.

Hopefully these will get you started. If you have more specific questions, feel free to post.

Good Luck and Have Fun!
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Ever thought about modifying the recipe to avoid hot fill?

With sufficient acidity - you may be able to skip that step.

A good recipe isn't just one that tastes good - it's one that's scalable under your capabilities.
Hellcat is in NZ. Processing regs are different. Many international to the USA countries allow home processing without HFH.

Matt, i dont know anything about processing regulation where you are. You will have to contact your local/regional authority for licensing for legal sales.

Please keep us posted what and where you get licensing if needed.

Have fun!