Hot Foot

This is the pepper used in the weefoot. It's a natural bhut/trinidad scorpion cross.  I named it the Chuck Norris Dingleberry,though if I ever sold them I'd have to change the name so Chuck Norris doesn't give me a bill. 
2 miles from my place is a brew pub called the new albanian brewing co.  I eat peppers in there all the time and decided to try putting slices of pepper in my beer.  The brewer was drinking a beer watching me do this and I suggested that he make a pepper stout.  I put only a small slice of pepper in a 20 ounce beer and let it sit for a few minutes.  Stir it a few times and it complimented the Wee Foot with incredible taste.  So I had about 10 people try it at the pub and everyone loved it.
The brewer took a half of a Chuck Norris Dingleberry and put it in a keg of WeeFoot so that when it pours out the keg the beer is pouring through the pepper.
Asheville Brewing Company in North Carolina has been making a pepper beer for a while now.  They call it the Fire Escape.  Its the same recipe as their "Escape Artist" Extra Pale Ale, but with Jalapenos in the secondary fermentation.  I've had several.  Its very good!
I have an American Pale Ale in the fermenter right now.  I brewed the batch with home-grown cascade hops.  I'm thinking about aging a gallon of it with a few roasted home-grown habanero peppers :)